Club Penguin Cheats, Hints, Walkthroughs and Secrets

Club Penguin Cheats

Talk with Newspaper
Make sure to stand at the right or left side so you could see yourself typing. I would suggest you do it at the Pizza Parlor on the right.
Click on the Newspaper at the top left.

Click on ”WE NEED YOU!”.

Click on ”Question” and then click send without typing anything.

Turn to the first page and press Tab button on your keyboard ONCE.

Type something and there you go, you can talk while reading the Newspaper.


Make dessert pizzas
Go to the Pizza Shop and play Pizza Patron 3000. Before starting the game click on the red lever to make dessert pizzas.

Wave fast
Press W on your keyboard as fast as you can and you’ll wave fast.



Jet Pack cheat
If you beat the Jet Pack game without getting anything you will get bonus money at the end of the game.



Have more then 100 buddies
If you want to have over 100 buddies, you’ll need to have 99 buddies. Click on all of the people you want to be friends with, then wait a few minutes for them to say yes.  Now click on the mails and press ok to accept all friend requests.Now you’ll have more than 100 buddies.


Astro Barrier Skipping levels cheat
First of all go to the Astro Barrier (Upstairs in the night club), then type in 1 to go to lvl 10, 2 to go to lvl 20 or 3 to go to lvl 30, easy huh?


Sit Forward
Click on a spot to walk on and then click S.


Puffle with no name
While you’re adopting a puffle just click space on your keyboard and it’ll have no name.


Secret level in astro-barrier
When you finish level 10 in astro-barrier wait 30 seconds for a blue ship to appear, shoot it and you’ll get to do the secret levels.



Catch Mullet (The big Fish)
Wait for Mullet to come and catch it by having a yellow fish as a bait


Rockhoppers key
To get Rockhoppers key go to the Book room which is located above the Coffee shop and click on the the book that says the Journal Of Captain Rockhopper, go to the end of the book and there you’ll find the key.



Rainbow Bracelet
To get the Rainbow Bracelet go to the Book room which is located above the Coffee shop and click on the book that says Rockhopper and the Stoaway, go to the end of the book and there you’ll find the Bracelet.



Bean Counter Bonus Coins
You will get 60 coins bonus in Bean Counter if you complete all the levels.


Play games and walk
Play a game like Mancala or Find Four and open and close penguin mail, you will be able to walk around the room while playing the game.



Farting Noise
Press E and T



Catching Waves Cheat
Bring your red puffle with you to Catching Waves and the red puffle will surf with you.




Aqua Grabber Cheat
Bring your pink puffle with you to the Iceberg and play Aqua Grabber and the pink puffle will help you.



Boiler Room Cheat
Go to the Nightclub, click on the upper right stereo and you’ll be in the Boiler room.




Standing in the Pathways
Go to a room that has a right and a left side (I would recommend the Plaza) and then click on the side of the room. 


When you reach to the side, quickly open your penguin mail and then close it.


You will be standing in the pathway of the Plaza.



Tell a Joke
If you want to tell a joke, simply press ”J” on your keyboard. Keep pressing ”J” for other jokes.


Freeze while dancing
Put on something that does a special dance for example the maracas. Hold down ”D” on your keyboard and you’ll freeze.



Club Penguin in low definition
Press – on your keyboard to play Club Penguin in low-definition. Press + to get it back to high definition.







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Comment by Kallig

Thx 4 the mullet cheat

No worries

Comment by stearophona

does the hands to nose one still work?

I tried it but it didn’t work, so I will be deleting it

Comment by mousyblack

kooooooool allll of u are neeks

Comment by kromkamp

If anyone knw other ones just comment them! Thanks ;D

Comment by Skiva

cool!!!i never knew your site was so aweomse 😉 im gonna add you to my blogroll!!!!!!!!!
PS. Pinkgirl3919 lol yeah im her friend kinda. not in real life, like, comment friend.

Comment by Li Gi 99

Cool, thanks!
I’m and admin on her blog 😛

Comment by Skiva

Yeah for the Astro Barrier try for level 10 Secret Levels they are way easier

Comment by ROSE8U

I mean for level 30

Comment by ROSE8U

i tryed one of these but the low defnition dosent work please check it.

Comment by nicolas

The low definition cheat works fine for me

Comment by Skiva

is there any cheat of how to get the chefs hat

Comment by stair8218

Sorry, I don’t know any cheats on how to get the Chefs Hat :[

Comment by Skiva

Hey Skiva! I notice something about the emotes, What happened to the Skull one? 😐


A long time ago Club Penguin removed the Skull emotion because it showed that you dont like something. e.g: you fight with a friend and then make the skull emotion… I think Club Penguin should remove the heart emotion too 😛

Comment by chillex

They should have at least removed the heart emotion… Not the skull one… 😦


Comment by chillex

how do u get 1,000,000 coins??? plz help

Comment by silver thunder

if you have the red or blue helicopter hat(the one you’ve probably gotten at the april fools party) take off all your clothes(except the hat)and dance, then hold d and you well be floating!

Comment by Drago08

Do YOu have a cheats for being a member?
help me coz I’m being nothing ( non-member )

Skiva: I don’t think there are any cheats for being a member for free, maybe in the future there will be? XD:/

Comment by Achie144, God MArk Jr

Hey awesome cheats dude! You rock awesome site!

Skiva: Thanks

Comment by beacause1

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