Club Penguin Cheats, Hints, Walkthroughs and Secrets

Mission Walkthroughs


1. Click on Aunt Arctic to begin the mission.
2. Head to the Ice Rink, move to the right and pick up the photos of the green puffle to your inventory.
3.  Head back to Aunt Arctic and give her the photos.
4. Go to the pet shop, move to the left and you’ll find a note on the roof of the puffle house.
5. At the bottom right click on the Code translator to tell you the message.
6. It will tell you the answer of how many socks G has. I can’t tell you it because it’ll change verytime you do it.
7. When you got the code, head to the sports shop abd talk to G until he asks you how many socks he has. Type in the number you got from the note.
8. After, click on ”May I see some spy gadgets?”. There you’ll see a life preserver shooter and a hook.
9. Grab the life preserver shooter and head to the iceberg.
10. Save then penguins on the floating ie and then head to the sports shop.
11. Now put the hook into your inventory and head to the mountain.
12. Get the wrench out of your spyphone and click on the telescope the fix it.
13. Look through the telescope and move to the left to see a green puffle flying.
14. Use the hook from your inventory to climb up the mountain.
15. There you’ll find Aunt Arctics missing puffles.
16. Return the puffles to Aunt Arctic and get you medal.



1. Talk with Gadget and he will ask you to solve a riddle.
2. Head to the Mountains and click on the signs.
3. Look on the sign that has 3 green circles on. it says: MOGUL.
4. Head back to the Sports Shop and talk to G.
5. Type in the word: MOGUL and lick ”this is the word!”.
6. G will give your mission to test-drive his prototype sled.
7. Put the sled in your inventory and head to the mountain.
8. Take the sled ot of your inventory and click on the sign that says ”Test Run”.
9. You will now crash and end up behind the mountain.
10. Find a rope and put it into you inventory.
11. Go to the right and find a survival guide book to put it into your inventory.
12. Go straight to the O’berry bush and out 3 O’berries into your inventory.
13. Move to the right of the O’berrie bush and you’ll see a tree with a pot in it.
14. Shake the tree 3 times and put the pot into your inventory.
15. Go to the left until you see a stump far away to click on.
16. At the stump you’ll see 5 puffles. The green, purple, pink, and blue puffles will run away.
17. Give an O’berry to the black puffle so he can be your friend.
18. Go to the left of the stump untill you see a log far away to click on.
19. Find a bush with a ski in it to add it to your inventory. After you get it, get back to the O’berry bush.
20. Find a stream to click on.
21. Go to the left of the stream and from your inventory put the rope on the ski and  put an O’berry on it.
22. Take the pole out of your inventory and click on the stream.
23. Put the pole into your inventory and the fish too.
24. Now, take the pot out of your inventory and click on the stream to get some water. After you finished, put it back to your inventory.
25. Look around for a log and put it into your inventory.
26. Move to the cave and click on the bushes that has blocked the entrance of the cave. After, enter the cave.
27. When you’re in the cave, move to the right and click on a stone to build a fire ring.
28. Take the log from your inventory and put it on the fire ring.
29. Grab the survival guise book from your inventory and put it on the log.
30. Give your last O’berry to the black puffle so it can lit some fire.
31. Take the fish from your inventory and put it on the fire to eat it.
32. Take the pot of water and put it on the fire to drink it.
33. Now you will fall asleep, when you wake up leave the cave.
34. An agent will fly to you, talk to him and tell him what happened.
35. The agent will take you back to G.
36. Go back to G and tell him what happened.
37. Collect your medal and letter.



1. Talk to the green secret agent (rookie) and talk to him until he closes the door and he can’t open it.
2. Go into the Office at the right and click under the couch and pick up a disk and a paperclip to your inventory.
3. Find a computer, put the disk in it and turn it on.
4. Then click on my files and then Combination_Number, write the numbers down or remember them.
5. Head downstairs and use the number to open the safe.
6. Go into the safe and talk to Rookie.
7. G will make a call telling you to head to the HQ.
8. Talk to G. When your finished go to the key drawer and click on the yellow key on the upper left.
9. Go into the Office and use the key to get to the roof.
10. Find some white fur and put it into your inventory.
11. After, use your wrench from your spyphone and unscrew the bolts of the box.
12. Click on it and then take your paperclip from your inventory and put it in the box.
13. After you finished, go to the HQ and give G the white fur.
14. G will give you another small mission to do.
15. Find a map with a flashing light on it and pickup the flashlight that’s on the table.
16. Head to Town, talk to the penguin that’s crying and then go inside the Nightclub.
17. Use your flashlight to turn it on and go to the right to find a speaker and enter inside it.
18. Look around untill you see a Fuse Box. Click on it and try to get the fuses all green. (This may take a few tries)
19. After you turn all the lights to green head back up and talk with the penguin again.
20. Now head to the HQ and talk to G.
21. Collect your medal and card.



1. Talk to G and make him open the Gadget room door.
2. In the Gadget Room pick up the Life Preserver and place it in your inventory.
3. Enter the Ski Lodge and pick up the Fishing Rod near the Ice Fishing Door and place it into your inventory.
4. Head to the Lighthouse and place the Rope near the lifeboat in your inventory.
5. Put the three items you have found into one slot to combine them into one.
6. Head to the Sports Shop and take the Pirate’s Belt from the Green Penguin Statue and place it into your inventory.
7. Go to the Ski Village and then click on the Ski Lift.
8. Place the Pirate’s Belt onto the Ski Lift to fix it.
9. Pick up the White fur near the Ski Lift.
10. Go to the Lighthouse Beacon and use the Wrench in the Spy Phone to unscrew the Telescope and place it into your inventory.
11. Go to the Sports Shop and head up the stairs to G’s Room.
12. Place the Telescope on the Tripod near the window.
13. Head to the Mountain and go down the Ridge Run trail.
14. You have to follow a path down the Ridge Run track which is Middle, Left, Right, Middle, Right.
15. Once at the bottom you’ll see Inner Tubes. Take out the Life Preserver.
16. Grab the First Penguin on the little branch. Then grab the next penguin on the ledge. Drop one of the penguins on the branch and use the other one to grab the penguin under it. Then grab the one on the branch and drop all three on the ledge with the rock and they will push the rock down. Grab all three penguins and drop down to grab the last one. Now you’ve rescued all the penguins.
17. Back at the Mountain talk to G and hand him the White fur and collect your rewards.



1. Talk to G.
2. Open your Spy Phone, and drag the comb to the pink fur to make it flat.
3. Click on the suit case and make it flat as you did to the pink fur.
4. An error will come shows three thing found on the fur, Hot Chocolate, Hot Sauce, and jet Pack Fuel, now talk to G.
5. Go to the Coffee Shop.
6. Talk to the penguin, he will show a drawing of the pink puffle. 
7. Head to the Pizza shop, and ask the penguin for the Hot Sauce and Chocolate Sauce. Pickup the pizza that’s on the desk.
8. Head back to the Coffee Shop and click on the Hot Chocolate Dispense and drag a mug under the “Hot Chocolate Button”. Open you Spy Phone and use your spanner to connect the milk to the coffee, at the right hand side of the machine you’ll see it’s on ”cold” but change it to ”hot” now at the top put the Chocolate Sause and push the button when it’s finished put it into your inventory.
9. Head to the Gadget Room, and take the AC 1000  fan from the shelf and go to the Beacon.
10. Go to the right where the Jet Pack Game is and use the Fan to bring the fuel to you. Open up your Spy Phone and use the scissor to cut the balloon, then put the fuel to your inventory.
11. Head to the Gadget Room and talk to G and put the Hot Chocolate, Hot Sauce, and Fuel in the funnel. Pick up the Goggles and wear them.
12. Head to the Lighthouse and find a net and a rope, put them together to make a trap. Go to the Lodge and pick up the candle. Click on the Ice Fishing door, put up the trap on the tree.
13. Put the candle on the trap, so the a crab will get into the trap, pick it up, then the shadow will run away , it’ll drop a piece of fur on the ground.
14. Head back to the Gadget Room, and drag the Crab to G.
15. Lastly, put the white fur in the analyzer which is the suitcase. It’ll say it comes form a polar bear.
16. Get your rewards and you’re done.



1. Talk to G.
2. Follow the crab everywhere it goes, then jump down the mountain.
3. Follow the crab until he goes inside the pet shop door, then find a black puffle.
4. Go to the left where the puffle is and cut down the puffle food from the tree by using your scissor from your Spy Phone, then add it to your inventory.
5. Go back to the puffle and feed him the food you cut down, when he finished eating he will follow you.
6. Return to the cave where the crab went in and threw a piece of food in, your pet will bring it to you.
7. The polar bear will catch you when you enter the cave.
8. You’ll see the cage opener wheel. Put the puffle food on the lever to the right of it for your puffle to eat to turn on the water.
9. Put some puffle food under the faucet next. Put some puffle food for the slot closest to the cage opener so the cage could open.
10. Waddle around and find the anchor, rope, Gary’s blue prints map, and hot sauce.
11. Open the door to get out, Snow will fall and block your way of getting out.
12. Put the puffle food with the hot sauce from your inventory and feed it to the black puffle.
13. Leave the cave when the puffle melts the snow.
14. Go to the cliff and put the rope and anchor together from your inventory and drag it to the cliff.
16. Go to the Ski Lodge and enter the Ice Fishing game, you’ll find Herbert the polar bear.
17. Click on him and wait until the conversation ends, then go to the pizza parlor.
18. Order a seaweed pizza from thepenguin.
19. Go back to the Ski Lodge, enter the Fishing game, and give it to him. while he’s eating it quickly click on the lever that’s under the crab.
20. the polar bear will get up and be thrown away by it. After that Gary will come and give your Spy Phone back and get your rewards.


1. Firstly, talk to G.
2. Watch Snow Forts footage (note the spring flying off towards the Iceberg).
3. Go to the inventions cabinet, click on it, and type in the word ‘key’ in code to unlock it then take out the magnet.
4. Go inside the Gadget Room and get the Life Ring.
5. Head to the Iceberg and click on the spring with the magnet and put it into your inventory.
6. Click on your map and head to the Dock and ask the penguins if you could get the target.
7. They will ask you to hit the target three times before you get it.
8. When you get the Target give the the Life Ring.
9. Go to the beach and look for a bucket, pick it up.
10. Head to the Snow Forts and fill the bucket with snow (Click on the bucket and then click on the snow).
11. Click on your map and head to the Town, ask the penguin for the poster with the picture of the gear on.
12. Now head to the Pizza Parlour and pick up the paper next to the piano.
13. Head to the stage and play the piano, look on your paper that you found from the Pizza shop by following the colours.
14. Give the Yellow puffle the poster and the bucket of snow, then take the gear that the Yellow puffle will make.
15. Click on your spy Phone and head to the Gadget roo where the test chamber is(Go left until you see it).
16. Put the frozen gear into the test chamber and click on the lever then click on the button with fire on to melt the ice.
17. Now, press on the snowflake button to freeze the gear, then pull the lever to take the gear out.
18. Put the frozen spring test chamber then pull the lever.
19. Click on the fire button the melt the ice and then pull the lever again to get it back to your inventory.
20. Click on you map and head to the Snow Forts move left until you see a clock tower. Put the Target, Spring, and gear in its correct place.
21. Finally, talk to G and collect your rewards.



  1. Click on G to make him talk and make the conversation end. 
  2. Pick up the the flying hat behind G.
  3. Click on your map and go to the Dock. 
  4. Talk to Herbert and then pick up the latern that Klutzu(Crab) dropped.
  5. Go to the Coffee Shop and then talk to the penguin. He will ask you if you can help him pick up some cookies.
  6. Go back to the Town.
  7. Give the flying hat to and then a cookie to the Green Puffle.
  8. Pick up the paper and go to the Snow Forts.
  9. Click on the piece of paper on the flag and follow it to the Plaza.
  10. Click on the green penguin with the newspaper.
  11. Go to the Pizza shop and ask for a Double meat pizza with extra gray fish. Pick up the pizza and return it to the penguin with the newspaper.
  12. Put the two pieces of paper together.
  13. Go to HQ and talk to G
  14. Click on the Helium tank in the same room as G then go back to G and talk to him.
  15. Pick up the helium, then pick up the Mallet in the same room. (On the wall near G)
  16. Go to the Sports shop and pick up the box of tent pegs and go to the Lighthouse.
  17. Talk to the Orange penguin on the stage with the balloons.
  18. Pick up the box with the balloons.
  19. Look for a net in the Lighthouse.
  20. Go to the Dock, and go down the hole.
  21. Read the paper for the correct directions on which way to go underground, remember to turn the lantern on.
  22. Now you should have come to half of the Gift Shop.
  23. Click on your Spy Phone and tools, then click on the Spanner. Click on the pipes blocking the Gift Shop door.
  24. Now go back to Town.
  25. Pick up one of the balloons from your inventory and drop it on the Super Helium bottle.
  26. Put the balloon on the Gift Shop.
  27. Quickly put the net by the Gift Shop and the tent pegs, then the Mallet.
  28. Go back to the Dock and down the hole.
  29. Take the same directions as you did last time to get to the bottom half of the Gift Shop.
  30. Go on through the cave.
  31. If you turn left slightly you will come across a hole that leads into the Boiler Room.
  32. Talk to Herbert.
  33. Answer your Spy Phone.
  34. Click on the Boiler, then fix the boiler.


 35. Answer you Spy Phone and return to the HQ to talk to G.
 36. Collect your rewards.



  1. Talk to G and put the yellow duck, the three tracking devices and the blue print into your inventory.
  2. After that you go to the Ski Lodge and find all the Find Four pieces. They are under the ladder, on the stool and on the window seal.
  3. Now climb up the ladder. Now you need to find other Find Four pieces. They are on the box, on the table next to the phonograph, by the bricks, the box in the corner and on the table next to the typewriter.
  4. Now take the string on the rug.
  5. Go down the ladder and talk to the penguin playing Find Four, then you give them the pieces.
  6. Go to the Forest and take the sticks on the ground.
  7. After that you go to your inventory and drag the sticks to the blue print and the string to make a kite. Put the kite on one of your tracking devices.
  8. Now go to the Mountain and put it on the poll.
  9. Go to the Plaza and talk to the penguin, after the blue puffle blows a bubble click on the gum between the penguins and put it on your yellow duck in your inventory.
  10. Go to the dock and help the penguin to start the boat. Pull the brown start handle and borrow the penguins air pump.
  11. Put the air pump on the duck to blow it, put the second device on it.
  12. Go to the Ice Berg and put the yellow duck in the water.
  13. Go to the Mine Shack and talk to the penguin on the roof.
  14. Solve the puzzle by clicking and dragging the wooden boards to make the metal beam one facing up and one facing down.
  15. Click twice on the cart that has fallen down, and fix all the cracks.
  16. Now Place the last tracking device into the cart and make the cart go.
  17. Answer your Spy Phone. G tells you to return to the HQ. Take the Binoculars 3000.
  18. Go to the Ski Lodge and click on the GONE FISHING door.
  19. Turn to the right side and look thorugh the binoculars.
  20. Go to Herberts Secret camp and put the Spy Phone on the Binoculars.
  21. Put it on the third tree to the left.
  22. Collect your Rewards.



1. Talk to G and the other agents.
2. When Herbert, G and the other agents finished talking go to the right and pick up the solar source from the box and place it into your inventory.
3. Head to the Gift Shop and talk to the secret agent.
4. Take the solar source from your inventory, put it on the colored wires and do the puzzle.


5. Head to the Beach and talk to the red penguin.
6. Go inside the Lighthouse and get the barrel of cream soda that’s next to the boat.
7. Head outside the Lighthouse, talk to the red penguin again and then give him the barrel of cream soda.
8. Solve the puzzle by dividing two cups of the Cream Soda into four. It’s simple, just click on the ”help” paper and get that much cups as the numbers tells you.




fuel-mix89. Head to the Dock and get the rope from the green penguin.
10. Head to the Night Club and put the rope to the metal cage and then click on the red lever.
11. Get your wrench out form your spyphone and unscrew the bolts.
12. Go inside and put all of the gears in order from biggest to smallest.
13. Wait until your spyphone rings and then head to the dock.
14. When you get another call, head to the nightclub and click on the red lever.
15. G will call and then all of the agents will come to the nightclub.
16. When Herbert is stuck to the magnet make the lights that’s on the roof face the solar device.
19. Collect your reward.


1.  Head to the Gift Shop and talk to the green penguin at the front desk.
2. Pick up the table that is on the wall,the two boxes on the floor and place them into your inventory.
3. Go outside and place the table under the red flag and put the boxes there.
4. At the end of the mission you’ll receive a Employee of the month trophy.



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More Mission Walkthroughs coming ! 😀

Comment by thepenguinshack

Cool! 😀

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this is so cool i got 6 medals because of these walkthroughs

I’m glad they helped you! 😀

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Yepp it’s very helpful! 😀

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Skiva: Your very welcome 😉

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In clockwork repairs when you said to put the frozen gear inside the chamber and then click on the fire button the gear melted and i could not get it back. :((

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Oh yeah, you need to click on the red lever
Hope it works!

Comment by Skiva

Thx, i’ll try it out 🙂

Comment by Isikara

Okey Dokey! 😉

Comment by Skiva

Acctualy you need to freeze the gear again so it becomes stiff i don’t know why.

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By the way there is a new mission out.

Comment by Isikara

what is the new mission?

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Thnx, this helped me out loads!!

Glad it helped! 🙂

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This helped me out alot, thnx!!!!.

No worries 😀

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that as alot of help thx whoever u are

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No problem

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wen i order it from biggest to smallest it always ends up bumping off

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its not biggest to smallest

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Skiva whats your email adress

Skiva: Mate, why do you need it? 😛

Comment by mrflashiie

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