Club Penguin Cheats, Hints, Walkthroughs and Secrets

Club Penguin Secrets


  • The Pink Puffle can play Aqua Grabber with you
  • There is a Silver Surfboard hidden in the Snow & Sports Catalog
  • There is a Secret Stone Igloo hidden in the Igloo Upgrades Catalog
  • With Costumes you can unlock special dances and waves
  • There are some special things that you can find anytime in Club Penguin
  • The red puffle can surf with you
  • You can make dessert pizzas In the Pizzatron game
  • Every 30 minutes at the Ski Logde a yellow bird pops out of the cuckoo clock. The name of the bird is Fred.
  • During the 2007 Halloween Party the yellow puffle was found.
  • The two puffles at the top of the stage are like the famous  masks called comedy and tragedy.
  • In the Astro Barrier game you can enter level 10 by pressing 1 before starting the game or level 20 by pressing 2 and also level 30 by pressing 3.
  • There are some hidden emotions in Club Penguin. If you press ”E” and then another letter will display an emotion.
  • In the boiler room you could find old archives of Club Penguin Times Issues.
  • There’s 3 hidden places on the Club Penguin map.
  • In some missions, Agents not only get awards for protecting the island and saving civilians, but they can also receive rewards for good citizenship.
  • Between levels 6 and 7 in Astro Barrier, shoot the blue target first before selecting ”enter” to get an extra life.
  • The more shots you have in Astro Barrier, the more points you will get at the end.
  • When you take out items out of a storage to place into your igloo, press the arrows on your keyboard to see if anything happens.
  • In Cart Surfer, don’t do the same trick twice in a row or you’ll get less points. It’s better to mix up your tricks to maximize your points.
  • In Cart Surfer, press ”down” and ”left” or ”right” to grind. It’s a good way to grind around corners to boost up your score.
  • If you are good at playing Cart Surfer, remember to crash on purpose which means that it will make the game longer.
  • Members can have up to 14 puffles at any colour.
  • Non-members can only have up to 2 puffles, red or blue.
  • In Cart Surfing, don’t do the same tricks in a row or you’ll get fewer points. Mix up your tricks to maximize points.

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what and were are the three places

Comment by koko

the iceburg, the dojo, and the mine but the dojo and the mine are no longer hidden anymore

Comment by Drago08

Never heard of the three places before… Only the ice berg 😀


Comment by chillex

Found the stone igloo… Just click the crowbar in page with floor removal service.

Comment by Thubu

Thanks, i’ll put that up

Comment by Skiva

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