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59 Funny Pictures

Here are some Funny Pictures I made, Enjoy!  (New ones at the bottom)

 My Bunny friends should be there!

 Ouch, that should hurt.

 There’s no day-off for you, get back to work!

 I’m pretty popular….


 Wihoo, i’m flying!

 I should try it out…?

 … NOT!

 I’m a Moderator ( Edit )

 i think it’s too late ? …


 Someone help me!

 Oh no!

bad-manners  Where’s the toilet in Club Penguin?

toilet  That’s right!

tastes-good  Tastes like….?

red What?!

uh-oh Farewell! :=(

turning  Wihoo! :=)

robbing Cars in Club Penguin!?

oh1   Who let him in?! (R.I.P :()

help  I’m on T.V, cool!

eastereggs   It’s mine all mine!

hmm   There’s a puffle employe?!

weigh  I don’t weigh that much do I?

ohgreat  Bad manners Skiva!

idream It’s just a dream..! :=O

why  Why? :=(

green Just like my favourite colour :=)

whats-wrong  Hmm, I wonder what happened!

love  I’ve got nothing to say!

peeking Please, whatever you do, don’t eat me!

stinky  Umm, who has deodorant?… :=O

bann  Weird..

hug  Of course! :=D

 censored  Don’t look! :=O

blast-off5, 4, 3, 2, 1, blast off!

 woo   I swear I didn’t do it!

ahh1  What a nice view :=)

wihoo I finnaly got a ride!

oww  A very beautiful day…

witch  Skiva is a witch?!

rhs  Blue Rockhopper, Blue Yarr?!

pee  I bet this is the toilet in CP :=O

uhoh  No way out :=(

puffle1   I enjoyed my days as a puffle! :=)

hanging  Penguins for sale?

punnypic  I’m starving!

menu  Sounds yummie!

opss  Aww man, i’m going to get banned forever!

eat  Is Billybob tasty?

hmm  Something’s not right…

spanishpuffle  Cool, mexican puffle! :=)

bleeh    Let it out!

sheneverresponded  She never responded :=(

swolleneye  Swollen eye :=O

gross   Ahhhh! Box germs! O.O

uhhhhh   This guy is hopeless…

why-me1  Why me? :[   (Took me 1hr and 23 mins to make)

Many more coming soon so keep checking!   Hope you enojoyed them! :=)


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Nice Site!
You are good at edits.

Thanks, I like doing edits!

Comment by Agent Chase

LoL! I love the 7th one!!! i like your site

Thanks, I like to make people laugh! 😀

Comment by MissisAnglez21

Cool site!

Thank you!

Comment by Earth 18

Funny! Good quality, too!

Thank you!

Comment by clubpenguincheatpeople

Looks like you are good at edits, it looks like the picture you edit became real! Keep up the good works dude.

~Waddle On!

Thank you!

Comment by hssa

hey Skiva! Thanks for the awesome comment! see ya round.

No worries dude! 🙂

Comment by surferboy51

Nice Edits. Check out my website!

Thanks buddy! :=)

Comment by Sklooperis


Comment by snowy1900

Kewleoz dude you rock on!!!

Comment by stearophona

LOL!! I like the 13th one! Nice edits! Mine are terrible. 🙄 😀

I checked out your ones and they were awesome and funny! 😀

Comment by mousyblack

This pics are very funny!

Hope you enjoyed them! 😀

Comment by Dkary

i like the 20th LOL michael jackson :mrgreen: 8)

Comment by cutiecat27


Comment by billylones

Haahhahaha 😆

Comment by Orange Tornado

Many more coming soon! 😀

Comment by Skiva

You changed the colors and all that on the wedding pic….. LOL!!! It turned ut good….. hehe….lol Bye! ~Pinkgirl3919

Comment by Pinkgirl3919

Hey awesome pics! You are pretty good at edits! Mines are good, but there not good as you! Keep up the good work, Skiva!

Comment by megazboy1

Thanks dude! 😀

Comment by Skiva

No problemo! 😀

Comment by megazboy1

i like the puffle one:D

the green ones in luv with the blue one


Comment by someone

Haha, that’s right! 😀

Comment by Skiva

Neat Edit Picture! How do you nake a widget? Please tell me by commenting at !

Comment by Beanblast356

I’m thinking of making a funny pictures page on my site….. in fact I got pictures already! I am just getting more and then put all of them on there at the same time!! 😀 WOO HOO!!!! YAY!!!

Comment by Pinkgirl3919

Wohoo! :=)

Comment by Skiva

Nice funny pictures Skiva! Keep up the good work.

Comment by kostaleka

Thank you! ;=)

Comment by Skiva

cool. i do actually post club penguin news a lot when im not skiing in the alps. anyway they are really cool

Comment by Li Gi 99

lol kool pics.
check out mine

Comment by Noel7123

Your’s are awesome! 😀

Comment by Skiva

lol kwel funny pics

Comment by 27ht

Yepp, thanks

Comment by Skiva

you are very good at editing!!!.

Comment by O Anjali O

This pictures are hilarious! How can u be a moderator?

Comment by Balloonstoys

How to be a moderator on this site?

Comment by Skiva

I think he means like by the poll on the sidebar…… hehe….. 😉 ~Pinkgirl3919

Comment by Pinkgirl3919

Yepp, i think so…

Comment by Skiva

how did you get all the penguins to line up?

Comment by danoli

I made them in paint…

Comment by Skiva

lol, the new ones are awesome! 😀 Too awesome, I mean! 😆 You must spend ages on these, am I right?!

Comment by mousyblack

Haha, thanks! 😀 it didn’t take that long… 6 mins for every pic 😉

Comment by Skiva

oh that’s clever!

Comment by danoli

lol nice pics

Comment by Noel7123

Thx, more coming soon! 😀

Comment by Skiva

I like that What a Nice Veiw! 😀

Nice Pictures!

Comment by Coolgindara

Haha, thanks! 😀

Comment by Skiva


Comment by snowy1900

Thanks snowy

Comment by Skiva

Nice site!!!! You know alot about clubpenguin

Comment by Billybob


Comment by Billybob

heyyxxx great editing it is awsome i love it i like where he gets ran over ure penguin is so cool and cute!!! heyyxxx LUV UR SITE cool penguin we must meet up cuz u r cutexxx:z

Comment by Pecky Beckar/Trumps alot

Thanks, and yes we can meet sometimes…

Comment by Skiva

heyyxxxxx i love it it is brilliant youre penguin is cute and we should meetxxxxxlove Pecky Beckar

Comment by Pecky Beckar

lol, thanks! 😀

Comment by Skiva

Heyy cool site ur penguin should be in the news lots of love from Clare bibi:D

Comment by Clare

Hey, thanks! 😉

Comment by Skiva

Just wondering… what do you use to make so good pics!?:lol:

Comment by Pinkgirl3919

A very simple program that’s called Paint 😛

Comment by Skiva

I love the one where it says “You have been banned for saying “Hi” to Billybob.”

Maybe we can meet sometime, like in the Pizza Parlor?


Comment by Megroolz

Thanks! 😀

Comment by Skiva

can we meet on cp right now at husky at the cove

Comment by nick074

bye in off cp know

Comment by cadence

lol Nice! Check mine out! 😆


Comment by Wexfief


Comment by Skiva

Awesome new pics!

Skiva: Thank You!

Comment by Jamie

hi!!! cool pics.they are all funny.!

Comment by [[alyssa]]

The best one is the censored one. I like it!

I’m happy your loving them 🙂

Comment by Giggles15987

I love the 1st one is so funny u sure ur bunny friends r there?!

Comment by Tap Cards 16

Maybe, hehe 🙂

Comment by Skiva

Michael Jackson scared me little ._.

Haha 😀

Comment by Shantipriya

btw you must have a different Paint program because mine can’t do all of those fancy pictures or editing…. ~Pinkgirl3919

Nope, I use paint xD

Comment by Pinkgirl3919

you speak spanish?, no speak english :(.

Comment by nieve501

It’s ok, you’ll learn 😀

Comment by Skiva

la la la la la la la la

Comment by ME

Are you sure…… another question is how do make those animations?

Comment by Pinkgirl3919


Comment by Pinkgirl3919

😛 😛 😛 lol Just a random comment… 😀

Comment by Pinkgirl3919

hi Skiva you rock if you se a penguin on clubpenguin named Princeblue33 please add me:):):):):):):):):):)

Skiva: Sure! :]

Comment by Nicholas

Your funny pictures are hillarious! i couldnt stop laughing!!!

Comment by pufflesaver

Haha, im glad you liked them! 😀

Comment by Skiva

😆 Sweet new funny pictures!! 😆

Comment by Pinkgirl3919

hey yours is the best but how do you do the pictures plese tel mee

Comment by vennesa

duf men oh yes i loooooovvvvvvve youuuuuuu the best story eeeeeeeeeeevvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvveeeerrrr

Comment by vennesa

how do you like me know

Comment by vennesa

OMG skiva, you are great at these pics! 😀

Skiva: Lol, thanks mousyblack! 🙂

Comment by mousyblack

I know why you can do all that kind of editing. We probably have different computer programs… Mines Windows Vista… 🙂

Skiva: Mines Windows Vista too! 😀

Comment by Pinkgirl3919

Vista ❓
mines XP 😆
just the way I like it 😉

Comment by hunter326

Wow…. 😯

Comment by Pinkgirl3919

I like the 28th one! Where all the colors are green 😯


Skiva: Yepp, I like that one too 🙂

Comment by chillex

Cool! My 2nd favorite color is lime green! For now, I like blue the best! 😀


Skiva: That’s so cool! My 1st favourite colour is Green and my 2nd favourite colour is 🙂

Comment by chillex

u have funny pics!!!!!

Comment by David

Yellow? … … … Are you a boy? I dont see boys liking Yellow much 😐


Comment by chillex

Sorry I meant blue, lol 😛

Comment by Skiva

Boy loving Yellow, Unpredictable 😯


Comment by chillex

that my days as puffle thing
P.S. How do you animate it (^_^)

Skiva: Glad you liked it 🙂 I use a program called Beneton Movie GIF 😀

Comment by hunter326

What site could you download Beneton Movie GIF? 🙂


Comment by chillex

I still don’t believe you use Paint! 😆

Comment by Pinkgirl3919

Are you sure you don’t use ANYTHING different? 😆 I still think you might have a different Paint even though you have Windows Vista! 😆 But it’s just awkward that you have Windows Vista too… I’m on a mystery aka crime.. 😯 😆

Skiva: Haha! 🙂 I’ll try to make a video to prove it xD

Comment by Pinkgirl3919

Oops… the last emote was supposed to be this: 😆

Comment by Pinkgirl3919

Wow amazing! Your so good at making funny pictures! Your site rulez!

Skiva: Thanks alot 🙂

Comment by beacause1

I like the one with you pointing at Billybob saying Im With Stupid! :mrgreen: 😆 you should of ran before you got banned !!!! :mrgreen: 😆

Skiva: Yeah, it pretty cool lol 🙂

Comment by Shadowlvx

Are you sure you can prove it? 😯 This will be interesting…. 😆 xD

Comment by Pinkgirl3919

funnyist guy ever!!!!!!!!!

Comment by Jason

hah luv the michael jackson one!

Comment by Monkeyness

This will be very interesting… xD

Comment by Pinkgirl3919

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