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Club Penguin June 2009 Furniture Catalog Sneak Peek by Skiva


Here’s a sneak peek of the Club Penguin June 2009 Furniture Catalog which will be out this Friday. It looks alot like a jungle styled theme. Lastly, the dojo igloo winner will be announced in the newspaper #191. That’s it, see you later! 🙂


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WOW your site has improved dramatically in hits and style! I am very glad for your success! I will make this my first Club Penguin Cheats site to stop by when looking for cheats etc.

Could I be added to your blogroll?

If you don’t mind comment back on my site!

Click here to comment back!


-Professorlax Inc.

If you want to talk to me live just go on my chat!

Click here to come to my chat!

Have a good day 😉

Skiva: Thanks for those awesome compliments and if you want to be on my blogroll you have to have the requirements first when you have them I’ll add you to my blogroll. 😉 By the way, good luck with your new blog.

Comment by clubpenguincabin

Sure, Thank’s though, But can i be the one to post designs? Also, Back to the old theme? 🙄


Skiva: Lol, why are you asking me? you are the owner 😉

Comment by chillex

Oh ok… Skiva, Please… Don’t use God’s name in vain… It’s a very bad sin Skiva…


Comment by chillex

Skiva: Sry chill.

Comment by Skiva

It’s ok. 🙂


Comment by chillex

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