Club Penguin Cheats, Hints, Walkthroughs and Secrets

Mystery Of The Construction At The Mine by Skiva

You heard it right, there has been some construction going on at the mine and we are not sure what Club Penguin is planning this time for us. Take a look at the picture below for more clues:


Could this mystery be related to Mission 11? We never know, all we have to do is to wait. That’s about it people, see you later! 🙂


Snow & Sports Sneak Peek by Skiva

As you all know, the Snow & Sports Catalog will be realised on this Friday at the Sport Shop. Club Penguin said that some good mix of all kinds of awesome island adventures will be included in the catalog.

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Also, the search of Rockhopper has already began and he alsohas a new background to give out. That’s about it people, remember to check back to this site for the latest Snow & Sports Catalog Cheats and Secrets! :]

The Migrator Getting Closer by Skiva

Hello there, today when I logged into Club Penguin I remembered to check if Rockhopper has come closer and he sure has! Take a close look at the picture I took of his ship.



His ship is full of trees, plants, and flowers. Do you know what it might be? maybe a party or a surprise? We’ll have to wait and find out! :]

Rockhopper arriving to Walt Disney World by Skiva

We all know Rockhopper, a famous pirate penguin that arrvies to Club Penguin with his ship to bring joy to all of us penguin, and now there will be an in-person appearance in Walt Disney World in Florida. He will be arriving at the park from April 30th to May 13.


Please let me know if you went there, and tell me what’s it like to speak to Rockhopper as an in-person! :]

Elite Penguin Force Arriving To Down Under by Skiva

Wohoo! finally, the Club Penguin DS game (Elite Penguin Force) Is on its way to Australia and New Zealand! Club Penguin Team says that they have been working really hard to get it this far. The game should be avaible in this weekend. I’m definetly getting it from EB games! :]


Also, the new Igloo Furniture catalog is being realised sometime this weekend so keep checking back for the cheats! That’s all folks, thanks for reading! :]

New Pin & Easter Egg Hunt Walkthorugh by Skiva

Hey guys! :]

The new pin is located at the Forest which is the Chocolate Bunny Pin:


Now to the Easter Egg Hunt Walkthrough:

The first egg is located in the lightbulb of the Nightclub.


The second egg is located at the Cove, floating near the rocks on the right side of your screen.


To find the third egg, go to the Mine and hover your mouse over the Cart Surfer and there you will find it.


The fourth egg is located at the Dojo Courtyard at the right of the door.


The fifth egg is located at the Gift Shop under the russian hat.


To find the sixth egg, go to the Ski Lodge and hover your mouse over the box with the fish.


To find the seventh egg go to the Mountain and click in the middle of the Pole to get the egg.


Finally, to get the last egg go to the Beacon and swith the light off to make the last egg appear.


After you have collected all of the eggs click on the big egg at the top right of your screen and click ”Claim Prize” to claim the Pink Bunny Ears.



That’s all folks, Happy Easter! :]