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Club Penguin June 2009 Furniture Catalog Sneak Peek by Skiva


Here’s a sneak peek of the Club Penguin June 2009 Furniture Catalog which will be out this Friday. It looks alot like a jungle styled theme. Lastly, the dojo igloo winner will be announced in the newspaper #191. That’s it, see you later! ūüôā


The Migrator Getting Closer by Skiva

Hello there, today when I logged into Club Penguin I remembered to check if Rockhopper has come closer and he sure has! Take a close look at the picture I took of his ship.



His ship is full of trees, plants, and flowers. Do you know what it might be? maybe a party or a surprise? We’ll have to wait and find out! :]

New Club Penguin Books Available At Book Stores by Skiva


Hey guys, great news! The Club Penguin Team told us that all of the Club Penguin Books will be available at all book stores. Some of them are The Secret Agent Handbook, The Inventor’s Apprentice, The Ultimate Official Guide to Club Penguin, and Igloo Makeover, but there’s more. In the book there will be a code for you to unlock special items online. If you want to get a free book and thousands¬†of coins click here.

Penguin Style Catalog Sneak Peek & A Challange by Skiva

Hey there, on Friday the new Penguin Style Catalog will be realised and Club Penguin has given us a little sneak peek of hair that will be avaible in this Fridays Penguin Style Catalog, Billybob also said that this hair might be used for the Medieval Party!  :]


Lastly, Billybob also posted a small challange that everyone could get involved in and here is how it works: Get as many of your penguin friends as you can into an area — with wigs! The more wigs, the better! The wackier the wigs, the better!¬†They’ll be on the lookout for a cool screenshot to feature on their blog. Oh, and something else too, im turning 13 on the 18th of May. Cannot wait! :]

More Editors Needed by Skiva

I am currently searching for 2 talented editors. If you are one of them I want you to comment it right on this post BUT you will need to:

  • Post if I am not avaible
  • Check this site everyday and see if I or someone else has updated it
  • Use correct spelling and grammar
  • Save pictures as .PNG
  • Add tags to every post you make
  • Put¬†every post in the catagory¬† ‘Club Penguin Cheats’

As a bonus, I will make a widget for every editor who has posted at least 7 posts.  Comment NOW if you want this job so badly. :=)

Jan 09 Snow & Sports Igloo Catalog Sneak Peek by Skiva

The Snow & Sports Igloo Catalog will be realised on this Friday and the Club Penguin Team has given us a sneak peek:


Looks great for me! what do you think it might be? Remember to check back for the cheats and secrets! =]

Fiesta Party Sneak Peek by Skiva

On the 23 – 25th of January the Fiesta Party will begin in Club Penguin. They have organised some cool decorations and surprises for all of us penguins and here is a sneak peek of the party that will start on this Friday.


Looks like the Nightclub. What are your suggestions? comment if you know what room it is!