Club Penguin Cheats, Hints, Walkthroughs and Secrets

New Pin, 2008 November Better Igloos Furniture Catalog Cheats and New Play by Skiva

Alot of things has been realised today in Club Penguin… Lets begin…


The new pin which is the Snowflake Tile is located at the Beach.The 2008 November Igloos Furniture Catalog is out now and here are the awesome cheats:


Click on the red Christmas Ribbon to unlock the Leaning Tree.leaning-tree-11

Click on the Control Terminal to unlock the Welcome Mat.control-terminal1


Click on the Guitar Stand to unlock the Music Stand.guitar-stand1music-stand1

That’s all for the 08 November Better Igloos Furniture Catalog Cheats. Now it’s time for one cheats at the new stage called Fairy Fables.


Go inside the Stage and click on the Catalog at the lower right of your screen.costume-trunk

Click on the middle of the Radio to unlock the Silver Wand.middle-of-the-radio

There’s also a non-members background, the Fairy Fables:


The play is full of colours and pretty enjoyable. You could always organize a scene and characters to act out with your friends, that would be fun! :=) Get our new widgets by clicking here.