Club Penguin Cheats, Hints, Walkthroughs and Secrets

The Migrator Getting Closer by Skiva

Hello there, today when I logged into Club Penguin I remembered to check if Rockhopper has come closer and he sure has! Take a close look at the picture I took of his ship.



His ship is full of trees, plants, and flowers. Do you know what it might be? maybe a party or a surprise? We’ll have to wait and find out! :]


New Club Penguin Books Available At Book Stores by Skiva


Hey guys, great news! The Club Penguin Team told us that all of the Club Penguin Books will be available at all book stores. Some of them are The Secret Agent Handbook, The Inventor’s Apprentice, The Ultimate Official Guide to Club Penguin, and Igloo Makeover, but there’s more. In the book there will be a code for you to unlock special items online. If you want to get a free book and thousands of coins click here.

New May 09 Penguin Style Catalog Cheats & Secrets by Skiva

Hey there, the penguin style has been realised with some awesome and cool cheats and secrets and here they are:


First cheat, click on the brick wall to unlock the Crystal Staff for the price of 250 coins.


On the same page, click on the window to unlock the Woodsmans Hat.


Click on the shadow to unlock the Blue Dragon Costume.


Next, click on the white light to unlock the Red Viking Helmet.

Open and close the Red Viking Helmet 3 times to reveal the secret Blue Viking Helmet.

Next, click on the Coffee sign to reveal The Spikester.


Lastly, click on the pocket for the Boa.


If you have been around Club Penguin lately you would notice some construction going on which is for the Medieval Party. I can’t wait :] 16 days until  my 13th birthday xD

Penguin Style Catalog Sneak Peek & A Challange by Skiva

Hey there, on Friday the new Penguin Style Catalog will be realised and Club Penguin has given us a little sneak peek of hair that will be avaible in this Fridays Penguin Style Catalog, Billybob also said that this hair might be used for the Medieval Party!  :]


Lastly, Billybob also posted a small challange that everyone could get involved in and here is how it works: Get as many of your penguin friends as you can into an area — with wigs! The more wigs, the better! The wackier the wigs, the better! They’ll be on the lookout for a cool screenshot to feature on their blog. Oh, and something else too, im turning 13 on the 18th of May. Cannot wait! :]

Rockhopper arriving to Walt Disney World by Skiva

We all know Rockhopper, a famous pirate penguin that arrvies to Club Penguin with his ship to bring joy to all of us penguin, and now there will be an in-person appearance in Walt Disney World in Florida. He will be arriving at the park from April 30th to May 13.


Please let me know if you went there, and tell me what’s it like to speak to Rockhopper as an in-person! :]

2009 April-May Furniture Catalog Cheats by Skiva

Hey there, today the new Furniture catalog was realised and here are the exclusive cheats and secrets! :]


Firstly, click on the last poodle bush to unlock the Wheelbarrow.



Click on the second corn plant to unlock the Fence.



Next, click on the Red Guitar Shadow Box to unlock the Disco Ball.



Click on the word ”Puffle” from the word ”Puffle Posters” to unlock the White Puffle Poster.



Click on the Koi Pond to unlock the Ice Table.



Lastly, click on the Pinata to unlock the Aquarium.



Elite Penguin Force Arriving To Down Under by Skiva

Wohoo! finally, the Club Penguin DS game (Elite Penguin Force) Is on its way to Australia and New Zealand! Club Penguin Team says that they have been working really hard to get it this far. The game should be avaible in this weekend. I’m definetly getting it from EB games! :]


Also, the new Igloo Furniture catalog is being realised sometime this weekend so keep checking back for the cheats! That’s all folks, thanks for reading! :]