Club Penguin Cheats, Hints, Walkthroughs and Secrets

Club Penguin June – July 2009 Furniture Catalog Cheats and New Pin by Skiva

Hey there, the Club Penguin June – July 2009 Furniture Catalog is out now and here are the awesome hidden objects:

Better Igloos Cover

For the first cheat, click on the light of the Bamboo Torch to unlock the huge LCD Television at a price of 2500 coins.

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For the next cheat, click on the Medieval Banner to unlock the Penguin Knight Sculpture at a price of 900 coins.
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Next, click on the second corn plant to to unlock the Picket Fence at a price of 100 coins.
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Last but not least, click on the Third Poodle Plant to unlock the Wheelbarrow at a price of 480 coins.
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That’s all the cheats from the Club Penguin June – July 2009 Furniture Catalog cheats. To end of with, the new pin is located at the Lighthouse and the pin is a Watermelon. That’s all guys, see you later!

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New Club Penguin Books Available At Book Stores by Skiva


Hey guys, great news! The Club Penguin Team told us that all of the Club Penguin Books will be available at all book stores. Some of them are The Secret Agent Handbook, The Inventor’s Apprentice, The Ultimate Official Guide to Club Penguin, and Igloo Makeover, but there’s more. In the book there will be a code for you to unlock special items online. If you want to get a free book and thousands of coins click here.

2009 April Penguin Style Catalog Cheats & Secrets by Skiva

Hello penguins, The new 09 April Penguin Style Catalog has been realised and with that, here are the awesome cheats and secrets:


For the first cheat, click on the Coffee Cup to reveal the Black Graduation Cap at the price of 100 coins.


For the other cheat, click on the light that’s in the background to reveal the Red Viking Helmet at a price of 750 coins.


Close and open the Red Viking Helmet 3 times to reveal the secret Blue Viking Helmet at a price of 1200 coins.


For the next cheat, click on the ”Coffee” sign to reveal the Spikester at a price of 500 coins.


Click on the pocket of the Purple Hoodie to reveal the Boa at a price of 300 coins.


Click on the purple floor tile to reveal the Purple Spikette at a price of 500 coins.


Lastly, click on the Pot ‘O Gold to reveal the Pot ‘O Gold at a price of 200 coins.



I just cannot wait ’till the Easter Egg Scavenger Hunt starts! It’s going to be greatand fun, don’t you think?

2009 April Fool’s Day Cheats & Secrets by Skiva

Hey guys, The April Fool’s Party has started and there’s only 1 free item which is the Blue Propeller Hat that is located at the Mine.


Club Penguin has set up lots of boxes and 4 of them are teleporters:


There is one teleporting box in the Nightclub that will immediatly teleport you to the Pizza Shop, and same in the Pizza Shop there is another teleporting box that teleports you back to the Night Club.


The other teleporting box is at the Ski Lodge and it will teleport you to the Lighthouse immediately, it also works in the opposite way.



The last teleporting box is located at the Coffee shop and it will locate you immediately to the Beacon, it also works in the opposite way.



At the Dojo Courtyard it’s all black and white and you could:


Stand/Walk/Sit/Wave/Dance on walls, and:


Throw colourful ballons instead of snowballs :]

At the Snow Forts you’ll find a Bow Store where you can buy the teleporting box and place it in your igloo. While it’s in your igloo walk in to it and you’ll be teleported to a place with lots of boxes flying.


There’s always something fun to do when you are bored, I reckon you should check out all of the fun boxes that the Club Penguin Team has set for us, all around The Club Penguin Island. Well, that’s about it folks, see you again sometimes and happy April Fool’s! :]

2009 April Fool’s Day Update by Skiva

Hey guys, tomorrow is April Fool’s Day which means we will be celebrating silliness and of course having fun during the April Fool’s party. There will be some special boxes that Club Penguin has set for us to find and there might be something special in them or about them. There will be lots of surprises for everyone and some special things for members.


I think this is how the special boxes will look like:


Also, on this Friday the new Penguin Style catalog is being realised which means check back on Friday right on this site for the cheats! :]

February 09 Puffle & Stage Catalog Cheats & New Pin by Skiva

Hey there, both Puffle and the Stage catalog has been realised but first, we’ll start with the Puffle Catalog Cheats and here they are:


The first cheat: Click on the brown spot for the Greay Puffle House.



Here’s the cheats for the Stage Catalog:


The first cheat: click on the red Dodgeball to unlock the Red Viking Helmet.


That’s all for the Puffle and Stage catalog cheats. The new pin which is the Box O’ Puffle O’s Pin is located at the Mine Shack.


Before saying goodbye, there will be a puffle party very soon in Club Penguin so check back if there are any cheats for it! :]

February 09 Penguin Style Catalog Cheats by Skiva

Hey guys, the Penguin Style Catalog has been realised with some massive hidden items. Here’s the cover of the catalog:


To start of with, click on the letter ”S” from the word ”T-SHIRTS” to unlock the Spikester.


Secondly, click on the letter “E” from the word “PENGUINS AT WORK” to reveal the Spikette.


Click on the blue light to reveal the Fruit Headdress.


Click on the flower pot to unlock the Red Viking Helmet.


Open and close the red viking helmet 3 times to reveal the secret blue viking helmet.


Click on the beak of the penguin to unlock the Russian Hat.


Click on the carrot to unlock the Yellow Scarf.


Click on the letter “A” in the word “CLEARANCE” to reveal the pink pom pom toque.


That’s all people. Check back for more cheats.