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New Plants, New Catalog And New Musics! by Chillex
May 30, 2009, 3:41 am
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Hiya peng’s ❗ Down at the beach, There are tons of flowers that have been placed on the beach! Which means, Mission 11 is getting closer! Plus, When you hover your mouse to the box filled with flowers, Flowers will sprout from the ground! So do the effect with the vines on the lower right portion of the screen 😀


Also, There is a new Snow And Sports Catalog, There’s one secret, and a new background, And of course, New clothes to put up with! 😉

Name: Green Soccer Jersey

Cost: 600 coins

Page: First

Click: Soccer Ball, On the right of “Soccer” word.

Green Soccer Jersey

Name: Mountain Top Background

Cost: 600 coins

Page: Ten (10)

Click: The Background

MountainTop Background

There are also new musics to tune up your igloo with! They are:

1. Puffle Ragtime

2. Summer Song

3. Flipper Stomper

4. Coconut

5. Mix Maestro

6. Catchin’ Waves Theme

7. Water Kongo

(Names Got From A Friend Of Mine)

That’s all! :mrgreen:

Until then…

Waddle On ❗


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Yo Skiva! I have a question that’s been bothering me, And it’s bothering me every time i remember it, It lasts awhile though. Please help 😦

Well, I been on some virtual games right? And i feel like that i want to blog about it, You’ll get the question while i describe it.

I’ve been playing up with the virtual games namely as Club Penguin, Pandanda, Planet Cazmo, Fantage!, Moshi Monsters and Chobots. So im getting confused on which of those 6 ones will be my 4 ones WHICH im gonna blog up with on ONE site, Here’s something i have with them…

Club Penguin ~ A pain in the neck of blogging on Thursday-Saturday, Sometimes, Sunday is included, You know, With many blogging stuffs. But if i quit blogging this, I’ll surely lose some of my friends in CP and i mostly blog up with Club Penguin blogs. Im sticking up with this one.

Pandanda ~ I like this game, I have no problem with it, So im probably sticking up this one.

Planet Cazmo ~ I don’t even know if there’s even a conclusion in blogging this game!

Fantage! ~ Sooo easy to blog up with, They have monthly issues that will last for that month.

Moshi Monsters ~ They update everyday, Making it harder for me, Since school is approaching.

Chobots ~ I love this game very much, But i don’t know if im gonna blog with this one. Pretty much undecided. But i love how the blog looks, It looks pretty easy.

So im guessing i need two blogging blogs more, Other than CP and PD. Only from Planet Cazmo, Fantage!, Moshi Monsters and Chobots. Only two of them. Im serious this time Skiva, Please don’t joke around with the answer 😦


Skiva: Whoaa! You seem pretty bothered, but I’ll tell you what, I think you should stick with Club Penguin because you cannot just give up that fast and all that hard work you’ve put into and same wth pandanda. I don’t really think that you should blog about Planet Cazmo, buy you know it’s your choice. Therefore, I would pick Chobots and moshimonsters to blog about! 🙂 And you know what, you don’t have to post anymore on my site until you are able too because i’ll do that, ok? 🙂

Comment by chillex


Comment by hunter326

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