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Snow & Sports Sneak Peek by Skiva

As you all know, the Snow & Sports Catalog will be realised on this Friday at the Sport Shop. Club Penguin said that some good mix of all kinds of awesome island adventures will be included in the catalog.

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Also, the search of Rockhopper has already began and he alsohas a new background to give out. That’s about it people, remember to check back to this site for the latest Snow & Sports Catalog Cheats and Secrets! :]


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Nice game you said to me skiva! That one! It’s fun! Though it gives you few rox, But since the items are low prices, We don’t mind, Can ya’ answer this questions skiva? 😀

What’s your Monster’s name?
What’s your favorite Puzzle?
What’s your Monster’s level?
Are you a member?
What’s the name of that foxy one? You know, The one you also pick?
How come i can’t see my friend Metabee258 in public places?


Skiva: Sure 🙂
My monsters name is Bluefire.
My favourite puzzle would have to be Tricky Trivia or Flag Frenzy.
My monsters level is 4 and a half, just started this game 6 days ago 🙂
Nope, I will very soon 🙂
Katsuma 🙂
I don’t really know why, I haven’t tried to meet my friends too 😐
Have fun playing 🙂

Comment by chillex

Thank’s Skiva! Btw, Why didn’t you have your name as “Skiva”?


Comment by chillex

My login name is Skiva but my monsters name is Redfire xP

Comment by Skiva

moshi monsters is a fun game ❗ lolz
just registered

Comment by hunter326

Oh ok 🙂

PS: Congrat’s on 20,000 hits! 😉


Comment by chillex

wats moshi monsters ❓

Comment by hunter326

A fun game! 😆


Comment by chillex

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