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The Migrator Getting Closer by Skiva

Hello there, today when I logged into Club Penguin I remembered to check if Rockhopper has come closer and he sure has! Take a close look at the picture I took of his ship.



His ship is full of trees, plants, and flowers. Do you know what it might be? maybe a party or a surprise? We’ll have to wait and find out! :]


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Hey Skiva, Trying out new themes? πŸ™„


Comment by chillex

Yeah! xD

Comment by Skiva

cool post !

Comment by snowy1900

A new party ❗
im getting hyper today ❗ ❗

Comment by hunter326

Hey skiva, Can ya’ remove that link lizzy has? He just came here to advertise…


Skiva: Done.

Comment by chillex

its a she chill ^^

Comment by hunter326

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