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Newspaper Issue #184 Realised by Skiva
April 24, 2009, 3:42 am
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Hello there, the newspaper Issue #184 has been realised and I’ll be talking about some important thing and leave the other stuff for you to read on your own! 🙂


The Medieval Party will start on Friday May 8th-17th. There will be a Knight’s Quest for members and they will be able to find the secret hidden treasure inside a maze. Also, Club Penguin will be returning some old stuff that penguins liked and some other new hectic stuff! :] i hope they bring back the magic mirror…


Moving on, Aunt Arctic has revealed how much Tour Guides and Secret Agents will get paid every month. Club Penguin will automatically send us a postcard wo receive our monthly payment. For each job Tour Guides and Agents will get paid 250 which all adds up 500 coins altogether. Remember, if you want to becaome a Tour Guide you must be 45 days old or over, and if you want to become a Secret Agent you must be 30 days old or over. Some penguins said that 500 coins is little, but you know what, it’s better than nothing! :]


Lastly, here’s the upcoming events that are arriving to Club Penguin very soon:


Lot’s of stuff coming to Club Penguin and I can’t wait for them to come! 🙂


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i need cheats ppl hpw u think of clubpenguin?

Comment by hannah

I agree with you Skiva, Besides, Do we even tour others around the island? XD


Skiva: I think so O.o

Comment by chillex

Answer to your question why i blog 🙂

Well, To tell you the truth, I AM the only one at school who want to try speaking english, Because since we are in the Philippines, We use the language “Tagalog”, And whenever i try speaking english statements, They sorta make fun of me, So i just have to use the language “Tagalog”. I really wanted to try the experience to chat, talk and have fun with others speaking english, So i found the site called “WordPress”. At first glance, I thought designing, Organizing, Assembling stuffs is hard, But when i got in the process, I did it, So here i am blogging 😉


Skiva: Woow, I’m impressed 😯

Comment by chillex

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