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New Pin & Easter Egg Hunt Walkthorugh by Skiva

Hey guys! :]

The new pin is located at the Forest which is the Chocolate Bunny Pin:


Now to the Easter Egg Hunt Walkthrough:

The first egg is located in the lightbulb of the Nightclub.


The second egg is located at the Cove, floating near the rocks on the right side of your screen.


To find the third egg, go to the Mine and hover your mouse over the Cart Surfer and there you will find it.


The fourth egg is located at the Dojo Courtyard at the right of the door.


The fifth egg is located at the Gift Shop under the russian hat.


To find the sixth egg, go to the Ski Lodge and hover your mouse over the box with the fish.


To find the seventh egg go to the Mountain and click in the middle of the Pole to get the egg.


Finally, to get the last egg go to the Beacon and swith the light off to make the last egg appear.


After you have collected all of the eggs click on the big egg at the top right of your screen and click ”Claim Prize” to claim the Pink Bunny Ears.



That’s all folks, Happy Easter! :]


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its a cool thing ever in my life is the best i think thanks who ever did it

Comment by vennesa

Thanks vennessa! 🙂

Comment by Skiva

your the best

Comment by vennesa

cool hu having fun if you give me another one i will send you more

Comment by vennesa

oh yes duff men do

Comment by vennesa

hi you are the best and malek is th dum one heheheheeheheheheheheeehehehehehehehehehheehehehehehbyebyebyebyebye

Comment by vennesa

do you see me

Comment by vennesa

ilove thes website and its hapy

Comment by vennesa

your website is the most coolest site im your fan. My penguins name is Dragoba62 favourite server klondike and favourite place nightclub and town maybe you will meet me some day

Skiva: Yeah, hopefully we’ll meet! 🙂

Comment by best fan of skiva Dragoba62

ooh and i want to say thank you for making this website its the best and dont forget CLUB PENGUIN IS THE BEST IN THE WORLD!!!!!!!!!!! HEHE by

Skiva: Thanks Dragoba62, and yes club penguin rocks! 😀

Comment by best fan of skiva Dragoba62

did you ever been a member cuse my friends are asking me always and at 15/4/09 we nearly tip the ice burg it was fun i have go now so bye bye

Comment by best fan of skiva Dragoba62

Nope, I have never been a member in Club Penguin! 😛

Comment by Skiva


Comment by best fan of skiva Dragoba62

I’m a girl by the way. Wow! You almost know everything in easter. too bad i can’t go to the egg hunt but i needed the pin. :D!!!

Comment by Flamerz08

Skiva: That’s sad to hear.. I will tell where the pin is on a post very soon. 🙂

Comment by Skiva

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