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White Puffle, Getting Ready For St. Patricks Day Party & New Clothing Catalog! by cid boy 4732
March 9, 2009, 10:04 am
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You can get a White Puffle now! They are so cool! They seem the same size as all the other puffles.





Now start to dance clouds will appear!

Now check out all the stuff around club penguin that shows that its nearly St. Particks day.

At the Forest there are 2 paints and a green box also a little tree house click where there is a box on the screen.


Check out the Ski Village too!


Now check out the Cove!


Can’t Wait!

The new March 2009 Clothing catalog  cheats are here!

Go to the first page and click the pot of gold fot the pot O’ gold.


Go to page 2 and click on the word “More” for the boa


Go to the fourth page and click on the light square for the red viking helmet.


For the BLUE VIKING helmet close the red viking helmet 4 times.


Go to the sixth page and Click on the “EEF” for the, The Spikester.


Go to the nineth page and click the purple dance floor square for The Spikette.


Go to eleventh page and click on the “R” on clearance for the Fruit Headress.


Tell me what you think!
~Cid Boy 4732



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What a long post ❗ Oh and my favorite part about White Puffles is when white puffles skates and eats ❗ 😀

Comment by chillex

es gribu lai man butu members

Comment by zaca12563

Now is your chance to get the Club Penguin EPF DS Game on March 13 Skiva! 😀 ~Pinkgirl3919

Comment by Pinkgirl3919

Nice, I really like it. Keep it up. :]

Comment by mookcp

plz answer the cheat for the chefs hat

Comment by stair8218

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