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Newspaper Issue #168 realised and Igloo Decorating Contest Winners announced by Skiva

The Newspaper Issue #168 was realised today and so are the Igloo Decorating Contest Winners announced.


Here are the Igloo Decorating Contest Winners and they are Archie 94, Blake830, Blumfelde8, Chrissy Gilb, Cloud 925, Edasu, leader68, Pjpjpj, Safari Girl and Xkdragonz. Congratulations to all of them!


The current room ”In Focus” is the Forest.


A new secret is revealed and it’s about how you can get the free items which are Rockhoppers Key, Friendship Bracelet, and Ninja Belts.


Here’s the upcoming events that are coming to Club Penguin very soon.


That’s all for now, we are reaching 8,000 hits very soon. Thanks to all people who have visited this site and supported me. We may have a 10,000 hits party but we just need a good PST time to organize so everyone can come. Thanks once gain and have a Happy New Year!


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Skiva! Hello! It’s me kostaleka! You visited on my blog and commented on the award shop! Do you want the prize for 25 comments?

Comment by kostaleka

Oh yeah! And my site is called:

Comment by kostaleka

cool! i currently have a contest!

Comment by snowy1900

Awesome, i’ll try to enter! 😀

Comment by Skiva

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