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Mission 10 Walkthrough – Waddle Squad by Skiva

The new mission is out it’s called Waddle Squad and in this mission you’ll be working with two other agents. ALSO, read the bottom for a BONUS REWARD.


1. Talk to G and the other agents.
2. When Herbert, G and the other agents finished talking go to the right and pick up the solar source from the box and place it into your inventory.
3. Head to the Gift Shop and talk to the secret agent.
4. Take the solar source from your inventory, put it on the colored wires and do the puzzle.


5. Head to the Beach and talk to the red penguin.
6. Go inside the Lighthouse and get the barrel of cream soda that’s next to the boat.
7. Head outside the Lighthouse, talk to the red penguin again and then give him the barrel of cream soda.
8. Solve the puzzle by dividing two cups of the Cream Soda into four. It’s simple, just click on the ”help” paper and get that much cups as the numbers tells you.fuel-mix1fuel-mix2fuel-mix3




9. Head to the Dock and get the rope from the green penguin.
10. Head to the Night Club and put the rope to the metal cage and then click on the red lever.
11. Get your wrench out form your spyphone and unscrew the bolts.
12. Go inside and put all of the gears in order from biggest to smallest.
13. Wait until your spyphone rings and then head to the dock.
14. When you get another call, head to the nightclub and click on the red lever.
15. G will call and then all of the agents will come to the nightclub.
16. When Herbert is stuck to the magnet make the lights that’s on the roof face the solar device.
19. Collect your reward.


1. Head to the Gift Shop and talk to the green penguin at the front desk.
2. Pick up the table that is on the wall,the two boxes on the floor and place them into your inventory.
3. Go outside and place the table under the red flag and put the boxes there.
4. At the end of the mission you’ll receive a Employee of the month trophy.


I hope this Walkthrough helped you, have fun!


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Hi thnx so much but i REALLY dont understand the cup puzzle thing. Could u plz try 2 explain that for me better?


My Name Isn’t Really Maria

Comment by Maria

Ok, I will add some pictures 😀

Comment by Skiva

nice post!!!

Comment by snowy1900

well it helped alot thanks me and my friend only needed it for one bit but it helped alot so thanks again

Comment by tira1212

No prob!

Comment by Skiva

Well caqn u show a pic showing how to fix the cage box thingy?

Skiva: Sure, just give me your email and I’ll help you

Comment by Udawgw224553

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