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Treasure Book Update by Skiva

Club Penguin will put some of our favourite items that aren’t always avaible in the Treasure Book. On Friday Dec. 5 you’ll be able to use the codes you got from your toys to unlock different items that aren’t always avaible in Club Penguin. The items that are still in the Treasure Book will still be there so you don’t need to worry.


Also, In mid-December the Ice Rink will return because it’s soon christmas and the new Snow and Sports catalog has realised ice skates, so penguins thought it was a better idea to have the Ice Rink back. Do you think that’s a good idea?


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Hey Skiva.

It’s me Nike! From N&SCPC (making Club Waddles). I have some AWSUM inside info. for you to post about. I will have pictures soon.

I entered a code this morning, and flipped through the book. The updates were made! EXCEPT YOU CAN ONLY SEE THEM WITH A CODE ENTERED. I already scored the Red Hoodie, Santa Beard, and Sailor Boots.

I will give you permission to post about that.



Comment by ng23

ummm when was this updated??

Comment by puppypupgirl

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