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A Full Guide On How To Become A Ninja Master by Skiva
November 18, 2008, 10:21 am
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Here’s a guide on how to become a Ninja and get belts, lets get started.

Click on the Ninja Belts legend(which is the poster with belts) and there you’ll see different belts. You will start by earning the white belt.


Now hover your mouse to the pillow where the Sensei pops up, click on him and click until some cards show up. Click on them to add them to your inventory. You will play against other penguins with the cards.



Here’s how to play the game:

The game is pretty much like scissor, paper, rocks:

Water beats fire
Fire beats Snow
Snow beats water

If the both cards are the same, the highest number wins. For example, the picture below. It has the same symbols but different numbers.


Here’s how to win:

If you have the same card type and it’s in different colours you win.


If you have 1 card of each card type and it’s in different colour you

If you forget anything about this you could just click on the ”?” mark at the top.

Here’s how to become a ninja:

You will have to play and win matches to get experience. When you get to the Black belt you will need to defeat Sensei to become a REAL NINJA. The Sensei is pretty hard to compeat against to but I prefer you have the other cards you have bought to win faster, but you can setill beat the Sensei without them.Have fun being a ninja! Comment if you have any questions about this.


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When I played one day and then the next day I tried to play when I did the cards disappeared! How could it be? How do I get it back?

Get them back by talking to the Sensei on the pillow! 😀

Comment by Chakie

You don’t need the Club Penguin Trading Cards to beat Sensei, I don’t have them and I’m a ninja

I’m not saying that you cant get the ninja belt without the trading cards what I mean is you get to win him faster 😀

Comment by happypippi

there is a fast path to become a ninja in which i have to find cards now every one tells me i can find somw in idk what does it mean?

Comment by pandajess7

hey i’m stuck on the starter cards, how do i get a higher level of cards, and my cards have dissapered how do i get them back?

Comment by glassi

i have lost my cards how can i get them back?

Get the cards back by talking to the Sensei… If it doesn’t work then play a competition and wait a minutes.
Good Luck!

Comment by glassi

i have played over a hundras games and only lost 2 and im still not a ninja

Comment by emma

can anyone tell me what stores sell the decks?

Comment by emma

who do u beat sensies he is computerised to make u lose because he picks exactly after and wind contiuisly

ps is there a trick how to beat sensies 🙂

Comment by scott

u have to beat sensies to get the balck belt emma 🙂

Comment by scott

that i would like to know if there is a easyer way to become a ninja plizz tell me if you know 🙂

Comment by james

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