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Halloween Candy Hunt Cheats by Skiva
October 28, 2008, 5:45 am
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The Halloween Party is here and its filled with lots of fun, but first: to the cheats. Firstly, to get the Halloween Basket (OLD) item, go to the Snow Forts.

Go to the Snow Forts and click on the blue flag to reveal the first candy.

Go to the Dance Lounge which is above the Nightclub and click on the lamp to reveal the candy.

Go to the Lodge Attic which is above the Ski Lodge and click on the blue box.

Go to the Plaza and click on the green soup to reveal the candy.

Go to the Cove and click on the sign to reveal the candy.

Go to the Ice berg which is hidden on your map and click on the stars to reveal the candy.

Go to the Beacon which is above the Lighthouse and wait for the light to flash 3 times to reveal the candy.

Finally, go to the Book Room which is above the Coffee Shop to reveal the last candy.

Now you have collected all the candy. Your prize will be a Giant Pumpkin Backround.


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Thanks skiva 🙂

Ur welcome, here to help! 😀

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Well done on your blog. What did you change your domain name to?

I found an even better domain and now my blog is and it’s still free.

I haven’t changed my domain, but maybe i will soon who knows? :O

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nice work keep it up dude! 🙂 thanks for the help!

Here to help! 😀

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ill give u 5 comments 🙂


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Comment by empleongirl

Hope i gave u extra hits!!!! I LOVE YOUR SITE!!!


Thanks! 😀

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